Saturday, May 12, 2012

on behalf of my heart..

There are times when i found myself very emotional and i just can't help. To be seen as a week person is something that i hate the most. I cried a lot. And sometimes i will just stay silent. But remember, silence is often the loudest cry as it hurts the heart until you don't feel like crying, still it cause your heart a major heartache. Then, i came across this quote; 

  " If Allah bring you to it. He will bring you through it. Have faith. "

Alhamdulillah, i passed through it. Thank you Allah for gives me this strength to move on my daily life. Thank you friends for being with me through my hardest time. Thank you friends for lending me your ear listened to my sad story and made you cried too. Thank you for all people around me giving me a very honest advice and support. Thank you en. haziq lend me your shoulder for me to cried on and be by my side all the time. 

Innalillahi wainailaihi rajiun. Semoga arwah abah ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yang beriman. Amin.
Semoga semua yang berlaku ini ada hikmah disebaliknya. Semoga semua orang memaafkan perbuatan lalu abah dan dia tenang di sana. Semoga kasih-sayang yang terputus lebih 20 tahun yang lalu bertaut kembali. Biarpun perjumpaan itu kali yang terakhir tapi aku akan ingat sampai mati. Masha Allah hebatnya dugaan-Mu ini tuhan..

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